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The Mutants Manifesto

We have spoken to  the mutated gods, protectors
of the outsiders, generators
of the unwanted and
we agreed on a revolution, born from the desire of challenging every current type of authority.

This magazine is a tool
given to all mutants to bring a change in our society,
with the use of curiosity, creativity and boldness.

How to be a mutant:

Mutants want to destroy
and challenge conventions.

The critical research of ourselves
and its expression is a vital element of our existence. Our aim is to
free ourselves from the lables set
by our society.

Mutants bite the unfair, racist, sexist, uneven society that we
live in.

Feeling like an outsider in a hateful society it is the base our thought. We live to change the world around us.

Mutants want to break the facade of what we percive as reality.

Our will is to question what we perceive as real in order to unmask the fragile structure on which
our society is built upon.
Our hope is to make it crumble,
and bring awareness over its unstable fundaments.

Mutants are raw and direct.

We dont like to sugarcoat our thoughts, we belive in empathy. Direct approach and honesty
are our artillery.